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Deb Dapson

For Rio Rancho City Council District 1

A voice for rio rancho

Rio Rancho’s first district can grow sustainably with commercial and residential areas supported by good infrastructure. I will be the voice for District 1.

Let Me Know How I Can Help!

There are many issues that come up in our district. I am very interested in knowing what is going on and what you need. Please don’t hesitate to call me or email me with your questions or concerns. In the meantime, I will be posting updates on the “Updates” page.

(505) 254-3751


My Issues & What I Would Like to See Us Do

Sustainable Growth

Development in the desert requires smart water management and forward looking energy use.

Proper infrastructure that anticipates future growth is necessary so that we do not face transportation, communication and utility problems as we grow.


Put council district one up to the top of the list for road maintenance and renewal

Bring broadband to the entire district, allow internet providers to compete for our business.

Consider adding sidewalks and parks to more of the district. 

Water Conservation

Ensure sufficient potable water supplies before developing any new property.

Work with the County to find ways to increase water availability city-wide.

Encourage or mandate water conservation and use rebates or discounts as an incentive

I promise to listen to the concerns of the citizens of the first district to ensure that our needs are met before new ground is broken.